BANKS: Live at Grand Central Miami
Our very own @BusyRitch was live and in living color with BANKS for her Goddess Tour at Grand Central Miami. Stay tuned for the write-up and exclusive photos only on DietRadio.fm/blog.
No lie. #dad #wisdom #keepitreal
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My Work < Passion.

Humans are the cancer of the Earth.

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Finally here! 👌😆 #ubiquity

LIX: The World's Smallest 3D Printing Pen Lets You Draw in the Air

Uhh yeaa! 

Scientists: We're 'very close' to finding another Earth


Finally framing some of my older work ☺️…with more on the way old and new. #humanfigure #lightandshadow #figurestudies #softpastel #figuredrawing
Me want.
Everyone loves the sunshine 🌞 #friday #lovethiscity #305

No need to ever tell an entrepreneur to slow down or take time off. It’s like trying to teach a pig to sing. It just wastes your time and annoys the pig.


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Watercolors at the bar because today is Arts & Crafts ( craft beers ) 😉😏 #artbyme (at Elwoods Gastro Pub)

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